Templeton is located approximately five miles south of Paso Robles and five miles north of Atascadero However, much of the surrounding unincorporated area between Atascadero and Paso Robles also considers itself part of Templeton, and U.S. mail is addressed likewise.

Templeton has a Mediterranean climate that is characterized by mild winters and dry summers. The area usually has low humidity. Rain generally falls only between November and March, with the rainy season tapering off almost completely by the end of April.

Templeton is home to businesses that serve the local ranching and agriculture, including horse ranches and vineyards. The four largest parts of the economy are the hospital, the school, the wine and agriculture brought in from the countryside, and the businesses on Main Street.

Templeton is emerging as a world class wine producer many of the wineries with the “Paso Robles” appellation are actually located in the unincorporated Templeton area – including Castoro, Peach Canyon, York Mountain, and Wild Horse.

There is a growing production of olive oil, and there are many small groves growing excellent olives for oil and table olives.

A very limited number of large corporations have made Templeton their primary place of business. Major businesses that operate with primary locations in Templeton include Weyrick Lumber, Santa Margarita Construction Corp (Brukiewicz Western) and Castoro Cellars, Peachy Canyon Winery, York Mountain Winery, Wild Horse Winery amongst other wineries.

The 2010 United States Census reported that Templeton had a population of 7,674.

Templeton, is a small, fast growing, rural town. It has added dwelling units faster since 1990 than any other community in the county (a 63% increase), with developments competing for prime land with vineyards.